Membership and Range Fees
Membership is open to all persons over the age of 21.

Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by their parent.

Members agree to use safe practices when firing their weapons.  No rapid fire or "cowboy" draws will be allowed for safety purposes.

No alcohol or other drug use will be allowed.  Any person we deem to be unable to handle a weapon in a safe manner will not be allowed on the range.

Non Members - - if you are an occasional shooter, the lane rental is $20.00 per half hour. ($40 per hour).  Includes additional shooters sharing lane.

Regular Members - - If you shoot more than twice a month, this will be more cost effective. The fee for Monthly Membership is $20.00 and lane rental is $20.00 per hourNo extra charge for guests.

Annual Member- - The fee for One Year is $200.00. You save an additional $40. 
Lane Rental is $20.00 per hour. Great for those who love to shoot! No additional charge for guests.